Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circus Tricks

We were taking a bath the other night. You decided that you were going to twirl while standing up in the bathtub. Before I could get the words, "Sit down!" out of my mouth, you slipped and fell and knocked your noggin on the tub. It wasn't a bad fall, it was more of a slip, but you started crying and I grabbed you and put you in my lap. You told me you hit your "noggin" and then, while still crying you said, "flippy-do." Because that's what you call a flip.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Did you Say?

Giving Daddy a wet willy

This morning we were leaving the house. The dogs were on the couch and you said, "Bye-bye, chickens!" I call the dogs chickens all the time, but you never have. I love your little voice.

And, in more amusing, yet serious wanted to read Peter Pan this morning. We got to the part where it introduces the children. I said, "there's Wendy." Maybe you heard me wrong because on the next page you pointed to Pan's crotch and said, "there's wienie." Whaaaat? Wendy, Haven, Wendy. Although, in your defense, Peter Pan does wear some pretty tight pants.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Your favorite snack? Fru-nack (fruitsnacks) and "Fishies, Gold." Not Gold Fish.

Your favorite babysitter? Monkala (Monika our neighbor).

My favorite thing that you say? When you are whining I ask you what you are doing and you say, "fussin."

My proudest moment recently: we were in TJ Maxx and Grammy was holding you and trying to get around a lady in the aisle and you said, "excuse me."

Every baby's name? Ella. Before that it was Greyson. Your cousin's names.

Favorite clothing item? The tights we got from Hannah. We call them Hannah tights and you inform everyone of what they are. And shoes. You adore your shoes. All of them.

Favorite hairstyle? Piggies.

My other favorite thing you say? You tell me I'm a big girl sometimes. I can only hope that you mean maturity wise and not size-wise. But, I raised you better than that. Mommy is very, very thin.