Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life is Good

With two girls. Haven is closing in on her 3rd birthday. And, I just.can'! I almost don't want to. Haven, you are the funniest kid around, girl. Lately, you've taken to calling all of your dolls in dresses, hallarinas. This is apparently supposed to mean, ballerina, but I like your pronunciation much, much better. While in Texas I asked you how old I was. You told me I was big. I asked you how old Daddy was. You said, "he's three like me." Very telling, I think.

You don't like it when other people hold your Viv. Grandparent's holding her are okay. Not as good as mommy or daddy, but they pass muster. People at church--not so much. Today at church a friend was holding your sister and you walked up to her and tried to pull her away. She's yours. I wonder if she knows that? You really are a fantastic older sis. Sometimes you love on her a bit too much--like climbing on top of her and hugging her. Or playing with her ear long after she has tired of it. But, mostly, she tolerates all your big sister affections and you are a great help to me.

As for Viv. Girl, I think all that breastmilk is going straight to your cheeks! People still don't know who you look like. You don't favor Haven. But, you know--I just love you. You are an incredibly happy baby. You don't nap very well, but you sleep very well at night. And, for that, I just want to hug and hug you. You are such a smiley baby. Your little grin in infectious. I find myself just wanting to look at you and hold you and talk to you all the time. There is something about you that I find hard to pull away. A friend of Gammy's told her that you were going to be a joy to us. And, truly, little one. You are.