Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How the Days Fly By!

I cannot believe that you are 9 months old, my Vivienne. And, that you have TWO teeth now! You got your first tooth on the day you turned 9 months old. Which explains why you have been acting like a little Bear Cub! And, it seemed the day after you got that, you started cutting the 2nd bottom tooth. You are going to be so cute with two little teeth.

You've stopped gaining weight so fast. I think all the crawling is thinning you out a bit. Much to my chagrin. I love your chubbiness. You are just a gorgeous little baby. Your hair is lighter from all the sun. You LOVE the swimming pool. We can't keep your face out of the water. It makes you incredibly happy.

You stand on your own now. That is the particular skill you are perfecting. Soon it will be walking. I'm still waiting for that first step because you can stand without holding onto anything.

And, my Haven. Oh, my Haven! You continue to crack me up. Almost daily. Girl, you are quite the personality. You love to go get Viv when she wakes from a nap. You love it because you climb into her crib and bounce in it holding onto the rails. Viv likes the bouncing too. Well, the other day you apparently forgot that Mama could see and hear you on the baby monitor because you went in there and started bouncing. And singing. You grabbed your little sis who was hanging on the rails and peeled her off and threw her down onto the mattress. All the while singing, "when I push her down, she fusses." In a very upbeat way. I was trying so hard not to laugh. You did it again and so you got in big trouble. But, your daddy and I still laugh about it. Catchy tune!

A few weeks ago you pulled the mattress of your bed and onto the floor and it was a 3 ring circus in there with you and your sister. First of all I don't know how you are strong enough to pull your mattress off--but, regardless, it was the best thing to ever happen to Mommy. You and Viv had so much fun rolling around on the floor together. She loved climbing up on it and you loved jumping on it. Good times!

You are truly the best big sister, Haven. Generally, you are incredibly patient with Vivienne and you love on her and take care of her when she's fussing. A week ago you had a really hard time with her. It was the first time you'd ever really acted jealous. But, you recovered quickly. Daddy and I took you on a date to see "Brave." We had so much fun with you. You are just a great girl, my love. And, this weekend I'm taking you to the Lavender Festival. I just love being with you. You give me such joy.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fliver O'Lou What You Do

Little Fliverskins, you are into EVERYTHING! Once you decided you could pull up and crawl you also decided that you should be able to walk. You aren't there yet--but, you leave a hurricane of destruction in your path. Magazines on the floor, plants ripped up, if you can reach it it's going to be touched. It is fun to watch you explore and learn your world. You are still very much into textures. You love to feel things and scratch them to see what they are like (especially the back side of my arm which happens to be very sensitive--you love to scratch me there).

You are an incredibly playful little baby. If you are in a good mood you will "attack" me by putting your open mouth all over my face. I usually have makeup running down my eyes from your slobbery kisses. I love it.

You have been saying "Mama," you crawl like a champ, pull up like no-body's business, and clap your hands. You picked that skill up from your cousins who are around 1-2 years old. We clapped hands alot over Memorial Day weekend with them and would say, "yay!!" You apparently liked the sound of that and when we got home you started clapping and you love it if we yell, yay at the same time.

So, you are my biggest fan. Haven went through this stage. You aren't very comfortable if I'm not in your site and if I am then I need to be holding you or at least doing whatever you want me to do. If I'm not doing it right you let me know. Vivi, I would describe you as an easy, happy baby. Except when you aren't. Because you definitely let me know if things are not as they should be in your little 8 month old eyes.

And, my Haven. Big, grown up Haven. You are sometimes bigger than those size 3's you wear. At least you think you are. Yesterday I was on the phone with Gammy and you thought I'd talked long enough. We were outside and you were trying to get my attention. Eventually, in frustration you said, "just go inside. I've had it with you!" Indeed!

Tall tales are your repertoire now. Sophie got run-over? The party we went to was really great, the people were nice because they didn't beat you? (I was not aware that we frequented parties where you were beat on a regular basis). I never know what you are going to say. Which is pretty funny. Good thing I don't embarrass easily.

You are both the most precious girls I could ever wish to have. I love you both so much. This period of our lives is a bit trying. Three year old full of energy mixed with a demanding, although easy baby, in addition to a tired mama. I hope that in a few months things become a little easier and we can just breathe and enjoy. I already do enjoy, so much the time I get with you both, I just wish I had more sleep and energy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving and Shaking

Sweet Little Viv, you have decided to work on 3 mile-stones at once: sitting, crawling, and pulling up (I should add teething to the mix, but I'm not sure that's a technical mile-stone). You mastered sitting up a few weeks back, decided to go right into the crawl (you take two "steps" and fall to your tummy), but the pulling up you have down. Especially if you want something. I just lowered your crib to avoid any base jumps like your sister was fond of, thinking, it will be months before you are pulling up. You still have to learn how to crawl. I stand corrected.

You are a funny little girl. You like to attack me and your daddy by opening your mouth, grabbing our hair, and pulling us in, and sucking on our cheeks. Over and over again. You are typically very easy going. You are an easy baby, but, whoa man--when you decide being easy going is for the birds--you are done. Done. The frustration doesn't build, it's just built.

I thought it was funny when no one could eat around your cousin Cora because she was so food-centric. Umm, the last laugh is on me. It isn't that funny when you are eating dinner and your baby is screaming at you because you won't give her a bite. Never mind that you'd choke on it. Doesn't matter.

Your sister, on the other hand, has hit her stride with speaking. There are no strangers now. Haven tells everyone whatever is on her mind. A captive audience is her time to shine. This morning at Mops, she informed everyone about her pet cicada that daddy caught her. She named him Junior Jeffie. I love that name.

She calls every baby a "borned" baby. I assume it means newborn, but it works. Yesterday she wanted to play with her little pet-shop and I asked her to pick it up before Vivi woke up in case she choked on the small pieces. Haven asked, "because then I wouldn't have any toys?" Yes, my Haven. That is our primary concern: all those toys lost forever in Vivi's stomach.

Haven Grace, you keep me rolling with all your questions and sayings. Sometimes I'm a little nervous about what you will say next. On Saturday we went to Auntie Fae's graduation party. Daddy had just come back from Seattle and you saw him driving up. You went nuts when you saw his car in the drive way and started yelling: "there's my daddy!!! He has a big, big..." then you paused long enough for me to get nervous. I didn't know what might come out. Thank goodness you said "car." You are a delight little one. Everyone, everywhere tells me how beautiful you and your sister are. You are indeed. And, you both give me such joy. You make my heart happy watching how tender you are with your sister and how quickly (most of the time) you are willing to help her out when she's fussy. I can't wait to watch you two grow up and become wonderful, life-long friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Haven sayings:

Yippie Peray! (Hip, hip, hooray)
Dedult teeth (adult teeth)
Cabinies (cavities)

Vivi is rolling, rocking on her hands and knees and really wanting to crawl. She manages to get around rolling and scooting just fine though. She throws fits by throwing her head back and screaming. And, she has a major crush on her momma. If I walk in a room or she realizes that someone else is holding her that isn't momma she starts crying.

Viv, I watch you master a mile-stone and then move on to the next one and think, "wait, you aren't old enough to roll over or crawl or sit up." And, then I realize that you are old enough and I cannot believe how fast time is moving!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Viv on a Roll

Sweet, adorable, smiley little Viv. You will be 6 months old in 10 days. Just stop it! You are such a joy! Such an easy little gal. You are definitely feeling the constraints of not being mobile. You've got the roll perfected, but you are not content with that. You are ready to crawl! I laid you on the bed last night and was massaging Haven and you rolled on your tummy and got this look in your eye. I knew you wanted to come closer to us. But, I didn't think you'd ever make it. However, you dug your head into the bed and used your legs to propel you forward and within about three moves you were right beside us. And, one more move you were closer to me and after all that hard work I had to pick you up.

Gosh, you are so cute I just want to squeeze you.

You eat very well and sleep very well. And, if I walk out of the room and you notice...goodness, you'd think the world was about to end!

And, my Haven. You have overcome your shyness and embraced your talkative side. You tell every single person you meet that you are 3. You usually roar like a lion (the Lion King movie is your favorite). You engage in heavy monologue with cashiers. For instance, yesterday Daddy took you to Walmart and he told me that you told the cashier that you like spicy food, that you eat all of daddy's jalepenos and cilantro (or talantro as you call it). You usually include something about daddy or mommy being the boss. At TJ Maxx the other day you were so cute and were trying to engage the young cashier there in conversation. You told her you were Haven and that you were three. She wasn't paying any attention to you. And, you were being so adorable. After about 5 minutes of trying to talk to her without any response we left. On the way out the door you said in frustration, "Somebody won't talk to me!" I don't know why she wouldn't--you were so cute.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rolling Along: The Swaddle is Gone

Vivernations (how do I come up with these names?), your swaddling days are done. You will be 5 months old in 4 days. Oh, my gosh, girl! Slow down!!! If you are indeed my last baby then you need to stay sweet and little for a bit longer.

You spent all of last night rolling around like a little log in your crib. We've been trying to get you to learn how to sooth yourself a bit at night. I didn't feel like it was fair to keep you swaddled so that you couldn't stick a finger in your mouth. But, you still startle when laid down so we started swaddling one arm. Haven discovered you in your crib like that. It looked like you only had one arm and said, "Vivi's broken." It does kind of look that way. Anyway, you spent the night with one arm out rolling. You'd try to get ahold of the rail to pull you over since you only had the one arm. When you finally did flip you were really mad. Really mad. I had to go in and take your other arm out and sooth you to sleep. But, it seemed like every time I looked at you in the monitor you were rolling around. Who wants to sleep when they can log roll all night? Well, I do, but you didn't. I love you Viv. You are my little Sunshine. Just looking at your face makes me happy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

We went to UNM (Popejoy) on Valentine's Day and watched a play with Isaac
Sweet, sweet Viv
You went to the circus with Gammy & Poppy--and then growled for a whole day
You asked me for crazy, wicked hair--this is your smile

My girls are getting so big. Haven, you've been telling everyone--and, I mean EVERYONE that we meet or know that you about to turn 3. You say, "I'm going to get to be three years old!" It's a big deal around here. We are counting down the days on my phone calendar. You've started saying "Damn" too. I've instructed you that it's not a nice word. But, you remind me that daddy says it. And, I have to tell you that it still isn't nice, even if daddy says it.

Just a few sayings:
"see you to-later"
mom's birthday is in Noremember
you are getting a jumpolene for your birthday (although you don't know it yet)

You are the best little helper with Viv. Today you fed her lunch. She was so happy. You even went and got a wash cloth wet and cleaned her up. I didn't ask you to. Little Mama.

Viv, you've started rolling over. And, I can't believe it, but your cheeks might be getting bigger and bigger, girl. You are such a happy, jolly little baby. Just thinking about you makes me smile. You love, love, love your daddy. He got you from a nap once and I reached my arms out to you and you turned away from me. That made his day. He told everyone. Two daddy's girls. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

I just can't believe how big my babies are getting. Haven, we are talking about putting you in school this August-if you ever decided that you'd like to stop wearing diapers. We went and checked it out the other day and you made friends with the girls and jumped right into playing. However, you don't like leaving your sister. You are very attached to your Viv.