Monday, May 31, 2010


You dig chocolate tart from the coffee shop. Alot. He gave you one bite and then every few seconds you shouted (seriously, shouted), DA! asking him for another. And another, and another. There was no way to ignore you.

Friday, May 28, 2010


We have a few cactus (cacti?) around our house that your daddy was worried about you encountering. I wasn't quite sure how to convey that you could get hurt if you touched them. So, I gently put your finger on one of the thorns and said "OW!" very dramatically. I did it a couple more times and then tried to move all the ones in the backyard that were in pots to ensure that you didn't have an incident. It'd been awhile since that lesson. I didn't know that it had stuck until today when we went into a bike shop and there was a cactus in a pot. Daddy was holding you. You very loudly announced, "OW!" when you saw it and did the sign that you also use for hot. It was pretty funny.

No More Booby

Yep, that's right. I think we can safely say that you are officially weaned. I feel very conflicted about it, but it must have been time because you handled it much better than I expected. And, you've been so incredibly cuddly that I haven't felt like I gave much up yet. You had one break-down the second day when you were tired and Mama didn't give you any, but after that you were such a champ. You are almost 15 months. Mama has a very long bike ride coming up and a trip where I will be away from you for 2 days, so I thought it was time. You were always a snacker and lately it was only about the comfort, not the nutrition. I'm going to miss sharing that with you, my baby. I guess this is another growing-up stage.

You are such a funny little girl. You have so much personality. You are a little clingy when we are around new people and really prefer to watch people and interact with them from the safety of my arms. You love the water, the grass, dog food, and shoes (except in the car, then you scream until they come off). You like bubbles in your bath and last night you asked for them by picking up the bottle of bubbles. When I poured them in, you tried to get into the bath by yourself. Usually, you enjoy being chased down and put in the bath.

Your daddy came home from Denver last night while you were in there. You acted so coy with him. Instead of showing your excitement (which you were, I could see it in your eyes), you started pointing things out in the bathroom to him--he pushed me out of the way so he could get to you. Then, when you decided not to pay any attention to him, he gave me a kiss and said hi.

You love chasing the dogs around the house. And grabbing their hips. It makes you laugh. You love picking up clothes and walking around with them. And hangers. You "talk" all the time. I love listening to you.

Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful you are, how well you walk for your age, and mommy tells everyone you are a genius. Of course you are. Haven, I don't care what you look like or what you become in life, I love you. You are so special, little one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stink Pot McKean

Cutie Pie Haven. You are a mess. We went to a bridal shower at Auntie Fae's house today. Besides touching everything in her house and taking away everything on Fae's plate while she was holding you and eating it yourself, you were quite amusing. And, a little naughty. You were told to stay out of her basil plant. We both said, "no, no, Haven, don't touch." You didn't like that one bit. You got real frustrated and looked up at Sarah Watts and said, "don't." Like she was the one trying to touch the plant, not you. Stink Pot. When I told your daddy he just laughed and laughed. You are so naughty. And smart. And cute. I love you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Climbing, Corndogs, & Poop

Baby Haven you are so affectionate now. You will give kisses and hugs. And when I tell you that I love you, you seem to understand that it means something special because you will hug me back. You love, love, love working on bikes with Daddy. And, you are actually quite good at it. You don't just stick the allen wrench any old place, you actually find screws and turn it. You are fascinated with mechanical things.

You also enjoy climbing right now. On everything. You climb into chairs and stand up and bounce. Which makes me nervous. Daddy says that I am very permissive when it comes to your exploring. You like to drink the doggie water and get all muddy and gross. Yesterday you ate a dog turd. That was not me being permissive, I just didn't see you do it. I'd been quite fastidious about picking up dog poop so that you didn't step in it (or eat it as the case may be), however, I guess I was a day behind. You spit it right out. Thank goodness you didn't enjoy it. And, thank goodness Daddy was here to take care of it!
You love corn dogs. It is about the only food that you will wolf down and that you cry if it gets taken away from you. We went to the Grill last night and I ordered you the corn dogs because Daddy and I wanted to eat in peace. You ate 4 mini's! It was impressive.
You love to run and for someone to chase you. You have the cutest smile. Sometimes you smile when you are being naughty and it makes me laugh. Maybe you do have a tiny bit of Keagy in you after all.
When I lay you down in your crib for a nap, you lay on your back and stick your legs straight up in the air.
You love picking flowers (dandelions) and you will hold onto them no matter what else you are doing.
Oh, and you adore your Daddy. You wouldn't let him out of your sight when we came back from California. And, he didn't mind one bit.