Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rolling Along: The Swaddle is Gone

Vivernations (how do I come up with these names?), your swaddling days are done. You will be 5 months old in 4 days. Oh, my gosh, girl! Slow down!!! If you are indeed my last baby then you need to stay sweet and little for a bit longer.

You spent all of last night rolling around like a little log in your crib. We've been trying to get you to learn how to sooth yourself a bit at night. I didn't feel like it was fair to keep you swaddled so that you couldn't stick a finger in your mouth. But, you still startle when laid down so we started swaddling one arm. Haven discovered you in your crib like that. It looked like you only had one arm and said, "Vivi's broken." It does kind of look that way. Anyway, you spent the night with one arm out rolling. You'd try to get ahold of the rail to pull you over since you only had the one arm. When you finally did flip you were really mad. Really mad. I had to go in and take your other arm out and sooth you to sleep. But, it seemed like every time I looked at you in the monitor you were rolling around. Who wants to sleep when they can log roll all night? Well, I do, but you didn't. I love you Viv. You are my little Sunshine. Just looking at your face makes me happy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

We went to UNM (Popejoy) on Valentine's Day and watched a play with Isaac
Sweet, sweet Viv
You went to the circus with Gammy & Poppy--and then growled for a whole day
You asked me for crazy, wicked hair--this is your smile

My girls are getting so big. Haven, you've been telling everyone--and, I mean EVERYONE that we meet or know that you about to turn 3. You say, "I'm going to get to be three years old!" It's a big deal around here. We are counting down the days on my phone calendar. You've started saying "Damn" too. I've instructed you that it's not a nice word. But, you remind me that daddy says it. And, I have to tell you that it still isn't nice, even if daddy says it.

Just a few sayings:
"see you to-later"
mom's birthday is in Noremember
you are getting a jumpolene for your birthday (although you don't know it yet)

You are the best little helper with Viv. Today you fed her lunch. She was so happy. You even went and got a wash cloth wet and cleaned her up. I didn't ask you to. Little Mama.

Viv, you've started rolling over. And, I can't believe it, but your cheeks might be getting bigger and bigger, girl. You are such a happy, jolly little baby. Just thinking about you makes me smile. You love, love, love your daddy. He got you from a nap once and I reached my arms out to you and you turned away from me. That made his day. He told everyone. Two daddy's girls. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

I just can't believe how big my babies are getting. Haven, we are talking about putting you in school this August-if you ever decided that you'd like to stop wearing diapers. We went and checked it out the other day and you made friends with the girls and jumped right into playing. However, you don't like leaving your sister. You are very attached to your Viv.