Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How the Days Fly By!

I cannot believe that you are 9 months old, my Vivienne. And, that you have TWO teeth now! You got your first tooth on the day you turned 9 months old. Which explains why you have been acting like a little Bear Cub! And, it seemed the day after you got that, you started cutting the 2nd bottom tooth. You are going to be so cute with two little teeth.

You've stopped gaining weight so fast. I think all the crawling is thinning you out a bit. Much to my chagrin. I love your chubbiness. You are just a gorgeous little baby. Your hair is lighter from all the sun. You LOVE the swimming pool. We can't keep your face out of the water. It makes you incredibly happy.

You stand on your own now. That is the particular skill you are perfecting. Soon it will be walking. I'm still waiting for that first step because you can stand without holding onto anything.

And, my Haven. Oh, my Haven! You continue to crack me up. Almost daily. Girl, you are quite the personality. You love to go get Viv when she wakes from a nap. You love it because you climb into her crib and bounce in it holding onto the rails. Viv likes the bouncing too. Well, the other day you apparently forgot that Mama could see and hear you on the baby monitor because you went in there and started bouncing. And singing. You grabbed your little sis who was hanging on the rails and peeled her off and threw her down onto the mattress. All the while singing, "when I push her down, she fusses." In a very upbeat way. I was trying so hard not to laugh. You did it again and so you got in big trouble. But, your daddy and I still laugh about it. Catchy tune!

A few weeks ago you pulled the mattress of your bed and onto the floor and it was a 3 ring circus in there with you and your sister. First of all I don't know how you are strong enough to pull your mattress off--but, regardless, it was the best thing to ever happen to Mommy. You and Viv had so much fun rolling around on the floor together. She loved climbing up on it and you loved jumping on it. Good times!

You are truly the best big sister, Haven. Generally, you are incredibly patient with Vivienne and you love on her and take care of her when she's fussing. A week ago you had a really hard time with her. It was the first time you'd ever really acted jealous. But, you recovered quickly. Daddy and I took you on a date to see "Brave." We had so much fun with you. You are just a great girl, my love. And, this weekend I'm taking you to the Lavender Festival. I just love being with you. You give me such joy.