Friday, December 9, 2011

Growing Viv

Little tubby Viv. How I adore your cheeks! You are so adorable my sweet girl. Last week we had your two month checkup. You were 9 weeks and you weighed in at 12.05 pounds. Impressive! However, your height was apparently more impressive as you are in the 90th percentile for that and the 75th for weight. Good job! I love your rolls and can't believe that you are straining in all your 3 month clothing.

As for your sis: today we were talking about middle names and I asked Haven if she knew what her middle name was. She said "honey buns."

Yesterday she plugged her ears up with her fingers (this is a new thing she's learned) and said, "daddy, where are you? Are you in the kitchen?" As though she couldn't see--with her ears plugged up. Hilarious!

I am one blessed mama to have you girls. Viv, you slept 8 hours straight last night. Do you have any idea how happy that makes your mama? Let me just tell you that I would keep having babies if they were all good sleepers like you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Little girl. You are a riot. You make me laugh all the time. Like when you told everyone at Thanksgiving that you were going to climb mountains when you were a big guy.

Or, when you told Poppy (while we were at Nana's house) that you'd rather have a beer when he gave you water.

Or, when you asked if we would be bonking Phoebe's head together with Vivienne's. Because we have two little tiny babies and that's what we do when we have two of something.

Girl, you are just so funny. You had everyone laughing during Thanksgiving with all of your sayings. I am so thankful for you!

Two Months Today

Sweet, darling Viv. You are such a joy to this family. You usually wake up in a good mood and are ready to smile and "talk." You are much more vocal than Haven was at this age which leads me to believe that you may be our talker. Haven is shy at first.

I weighed you last week, Vivienne, and you were 11.5 pounds! I cannot believe how big you've grown. You sleep like a champ (at night). Napping is sometimes a bit of a struggle, but as long as you sleep like you have been that's OK.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and quite a few people met you for the first time. And, of course, their first comment is always about all your black hair. Inevitably, they reach out to touch it. Which, is amusing because you don't like having your hair touched. But, gosh, it's hard to resist.

You really are a blessing to our family, my little girl. I can't begin to express how much I love you. You make our family complete. And, your daddy is head over heels in love with you too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Makin' Mommy Laugh (a Vivienne Story)

probably when she shouldn't be:

This morning as we were getting ready for friends to come over, I walked out of the room and left you, my Viv, on the bed with Haven. I wasn't two steps from the room when you started crying. Vivienne, I haven't heard a cry of pain from you--ever. But, this was unmistakable. I ran into the bedroom, fully expecting to see Haven with a finger in your eye or something.

You were screaming because you had managed to get a hold of a big hunk of your own hair. And, you were pulling it. And, it hurt really bad. You kept crying in pain and I tried to unlock your vice-like grip from your head. I was laughing because it was so silly. It took me a moment to get you untangled and I had to soothe you (and Haven, because she could tell it was a cry of pain and she was worried for you). You just kept pulling and crying. You silly baby.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

buddha belly

She's 6 weeks today and smiling all the time (except when she wants to scream)...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a Helper

Haven has recently discovered how best to help when Viv is fussing--she sticks her finger down Viv's throat and lets her suck on it. I hear a lot of choking and gagging, but other than those minor annoyances, Viv seems to love it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Monday, September 26, 2011


We went to the aquarium with Heidi and Isaac the other week. Apparently the lobster, or as you call it, "the mobster," made quite an impression on you. You immediately told me that the mobster wasn't good. And, that he would sting me and then poke my finger off. But, I'm not allowed to fuss, apparently. I told you that you liked to eat lobsters. You very emphatically told me that you did not. That mobsters weren't good and that you liked food.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Really?

So, the other day you were eating your lunch and mommy and daddy were talking when you calmly told us, "I don't care about nuffin'." I have no idea where you picked this up. It's not something I say. When I repeated it to you to make sure I'd heard you right and ended with "nothing" you patiently corrected my pronunciation by saying "nuffin." This cracked me up. Mainly because you have no idea what you are saying. But, you seem to make major pronouncements while you are eating.

Gammy came over the other day and we were talking about your best-friend, our neighbor Monkila. I was prompting you to tell Gammy how you'd been to Monkila's house and what you'd done over there. You said, because this is your new thing to say about whoever we are talking about: "Monkila's my favorite." Gammy said, "hey, what about Gammy?!" And, you replied in a rather off-hand way, "you're okay." Sort of like, in a pinch you'll do, Gammy. You, my dear, are a little toot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There's More...

Seriously, child--I could report on the funny things you say almost daily. Here's a recent run-down.

You were playing with your wooden/paper dolls and putting different clothes on them. I was on the bed minding my own business when I heard you say, "here's her boobie stopper." That was interesting. I watched as you placed it on the doll's chest. Bobbie stopper is a good word for bra, I think.

Shortly after we took a trip to Dillards. Where you begged to go on the escalator. I always let you go on the escalator at least once (because I remember loving that as a kid too). I told you that you could but you had to mind while mommy glanced at the shoes. After glancing we went up and then back down. On our way back through the shoe dept. there were three female employees standing around talking. As we walked past them you informed me, within their hearing, that you were "a little bit naughty." They all started laughing. I told you that I agreed, you are a little bit naughty, although I'm not sure what you had done to announce it.

A few weeks ago I was putting you to bed and you decided you wanted to breastfeed. You've been weaned for over a year now, but you are around a lot of babies and it still intrigues you from time to time. You told me that boobie milk makes you fly--that may be the best thing you've ever said, according to your daddy. Except for yesterday when you started calling him "Daddy Lover Christopher." Your daddy always calls you his lover and you finally reciprocated.

You are precious, child.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Could You Be Any Cuter?

Sweet Potato Pie, my little Character. Everyday you amuse me by something you do or say. I could spend a bunch of time on here writing about all the funny things you come up with. But, of course, I have to do laundry and eat. I love you, little girl.

Yesterday we took Sophie to the vet. And, this was very interesting to you. Until they checked her ears (which were infected and the reason for taking her) and Sophie started squealing like a pig. Which she always does at the vet, but you didn't know that and you started bawling and crying for "your Sophie." You thought they were hurting her. You have such a gentle spirit for wounded people and animals. I love seeing that side of you. Even if I did find it slightly amusing to have 4 people, a bawling toddler, and a squealing dog in a very, very small room.

On the way home there was a Sonic and I asked if you would like a cherry-lime. You dig those (probably because I dug them the whole time I was pregnant with you--and I typically don't care for them). You said yes. So, we were in the drive through at Sonic getting cherry-limes and out of the blue (you were excited about getting that drink) you told me, "mommy, I'm not mad at you!" I said, "OK, baby, but why would you be mad at me?" We hadn't had any incidences--as in, me disciplining you, so I wasn't sure where you were coming from. You said, with a very frustrated voice, "I'm not mad at you, mommy." OK. Got it. Then you told me that your tummy needed a cherry lime in it. I told you that I ordered it and we were waiting for it. Then you told me again, for about the 10th time in a few minutes, that you wanted a cherry-lime. I finally got exasperated and told you that it was coming and to stop asking. You said, "OK, mommy. Thanks for talking to me." Little adult.

We also went to the library yesterday and on our walk to the car it was thundering outside. Now, you've been known to be slightly afraid of thunder. We were holding hands and you pulled yourself close to me and said, "it's okay, Mommy. It's okay, Mommy. It's okay." You were comforting me in the event that the thunder was frightening me. You are so precious.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, Lord!

You were on a roll last night, little girl. First of all I was talking to you about spitting and how you are only allowed to spit outside in the grass and in the bathtub. In the midst of this very serious conversation you walked off. I grabbed your arm and pulled you back over and said sternly, "Haven, look at me. I'm not done talking to you." Very mysteriously you suddenly developed an owie on your elbow (deflection?). You were telling me about it, in much detail, and after a few moments my mind kind of wandered off. You grabbed my face and said, "look at me, I'm not done talking to you!" And, that, my dear, is how good discipline is thrown out the window--because your daddy and I couldn't help but laugh.

A few minutes later you were running around the house without a diaper on (pretty much standard routine around here at night). You spit again and your daddy spanked you. Since you didn't have any padding back there it probably hurt (slightly) more than usual. You grabbed your bottom and said, "oh, my butt! Oh my butt!" And, then, "Oh, Lord. Oh Lord. Oh Lord." Come to think of it, that's what your very pregnant Mama says when something hurts lately. I don't know what we are going to do with you. You really are a fantastic little girl. You have your moments, but most of the time people compliment me on how good you are. It isn't my parenting, I'm sure. It's just your nature. You are typically a very calm and easy going kid. Your Mama was blessed the day you were born.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Stinker Face

Little Miss Personality: your very favorite thing to do right now is try on clothes (especially baby clothes that don't fit you, but would fit a small infant). I tell you over and over that they are too small, but you are convinced that you can make them work.

Lately, I've been letting you pick out your own outfits. Nearly every day. Sometimes, more often than not, I'm rather amazed at the things you put together. Typically, you do a great job. My very favorite, though, is when you paired your multi-colored sandals with the wool socks Monika made you for Christmas. I told Daddy you were practicing to be a future Sandian.
When you don't want to do something that someone has asked you to do you tell them that you are too little. Which is strange because most of the time you are trying to convince me that you are big enough and old enough.

Yesterday we went over to Heidi's house so you could play with her little boy Isaac. Last time you played with him you were a little scared/surprised that he was so rambunctious. Your daddy wrestles with you every night, but I guess he isn't quite so rough as Isaac. Although Isaac is just being a typical boy you came running to me every 5 minutes or so to tell me that he'd touched you or scratched you...I told you that he was a boy and if you wanted to play with him you had to be tough. That was last time, this time I was getting you out of the car and reminding you how you and Isaac needed to share toys (this is a real point of contention between you two). You told me you would and then you said, "she won't scratch you?" She means he--we'll work on pronouns later. I assured you that he wouldn't. And you said, "I'll be real tough!" It was so cute. You are so cute.

This morning I asked you if you would go shopping with me for baby sister and help me pick out things that she needs. I asked you if you knew of anything that she needed and you promptly informed me that she would need batteries. I guess everything needs a battery now and then.

I love you, my Grace. We only have two months left with you as an only child. Sometimes I am so nervous that you are going to think you aren't as important as you have been. But, I assure you, my love, that you are. I am so excited that you will have a baby sister to share life with. Your nana is just now on a cruise in the Virgin Islands with her sister and as I was praying for her to have a wonderful vacation I found myself hoping that you and Baby Sister someday get to share experiences like that together.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Some funny things you've said lately:

While looking in Daddy's mouth with a flashlight, you spotted his uvula and exclaimed, "there's daddy's wienie!" He was not amused. I, however, was so amused that I laughed too long and you told me stop.

It was Daddy's birthday yesterday and when you were informed of it you very excitedly informed him that he was two, just like you.

I was in the bathtub and you were in the living room being way too quiet. I asked you what you were doing and you informed me very non-chalantly that you were making messes. You weren't lying. There was a huge powdery mess from a bath-salt you had dissembled on the couch.

I asked you if you were ready for a nap. You said, "no, another day."

Another bathtub adventure: we were in the tub and daddy walked in. You said, "Daddy, I want a beer." Very matter-of-factly.

You have been making messes that are truly astounding at times. Like this one when you put sunblock (diaper cream) on your baby. You told her you didn't want her to have a sun-burn and that is when I ran into your room because I knew it couldn't be good.

And, there was this the other day, when I learned about your preference in men. You saw this picture of John the Baptist and told me he was cute. When I asked if you thought he was cute (because I was sure I must've heard you wrong), you said, "yeah, his shirt is cute." Interesting.

You were sitting on my lap eating cereal and kept grabbing the bowl. I told you to put it down before it spilled. You did, but then after some thought picked it back up. I said, Haven, are you minding. You said, "No, no way. I'm a big girl!" Apparently you were under the impression that big girls didn't have to mind.

While walking Jackie (Nana's dog) on a leash, "this is wonderful!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Joy Squared

(This is you "smiling" in your new big girl bed)

My sweet little girl. We found out that you are going to have a little sister today. Before we went to the hospital to have the ultrasound, I tried to explain to you that we would be looking at the baby in mommy's tummy. I couldn't see your face since grandma was blocking my view, but based on the commotion you made about turning the lights back on in the room I would say you were completely unimpressed with viewing baby sister. That is not to say that you won't be fascinated when your little sis makes her appearance. You are very into babies.

Little girl, I love you. You are so darling to me. I was expecting a little brother for you. I don't know why, I just thought this little one would be a boy. But, based on how much I love you and how much fun you are, I can't imagine that I will be anything but thrilled when my next little girl makes her appearance. I just want you to know, though, my Haven, that you are so special to me. The whole reason for having another baby is not to replace the one we have, but because you are so great it would be a shame not to repeat the process. Your parents love you and I hope we do a good job of continuing to make you feel like you hung the moon. Even when a new, very special one comes along. We'll think she hung the moon too. We'll think you hung it together.

You are the very best thing that's ever happened to us. Your daddy and I both agree. We want more of the same (but different) this next time around because you give us so much joy.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, You Are

You were jumping on the bed last night when Daddy asked you if you were ready for bedtime and a story. You said, "no, I'm wild." Yes, yes, you are child.

Then, while we were in the bathtub Daddy walked in and you said, "daddy, I want beers." A little while later I asked you if you were ready to get out and daddy would put your pjs on and read you a story. Lately, though, only mommy will do for story time. You said, "no, mommy read story." Daddy asked why mommy needed to read the story and I'm not sure where this came from, but you informed him that mommy had lots of beers and that's why I read the stories. Mommy's pregnant, my darling. She doesn't get lots of beers. Although last night I sure felt like I needed one.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning we were laying in bed together and you uncovered me. I asked you to put the blankets back on me because I was cold. And, you said, "you're okay. You're tough." I love you Haven Grace. You make me laugh.

Your daddy also taught you to say, "a bunch of junk." If you see piles of anything lying around then it is all of a sudden a bunch of junk.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



What you've learned from your Mama:
Mama: "Haven, let's take your shoes off and get in the bath"
Haven: "I too tired."
Translation: I want to take a bath, but I don't want to do whatever mundane or boring thing you have in mind for me to do and would much prefer that you do it instead.

Yesterday, after taking a 15 minute nap.
Mama: "Haven that wasn't much of a nap, aren't you tired?"
Haven: "I feel better now."

You've been sleeping in your "big girl bed" for about two weeks now. We just have the toddler rail on. And, you've been doing amazingly. You seem like such a little grown-up lately. Apparently at mother's day out today you were telling all the ladies how you were tired and ready to go home to your big girl bed.

As told to Daddy today: "Mommy doesn't have whiskers, she has boobies."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cardigans & Cacti

The most traumatic/exciting thing that has apparently ever happened to you is when we went on a walk with Auntie Fae and you stepped on a cactus. It got stuck in your shoe. I held you while Auntie Fae pulled it out with a stick. Okay, to be honest, I had to hold you because I was laughing too hard to do anything else. At first you were amused by stepping on it and then you freaked out and tried to shake it off. And, I'm sorry, baby, but I got so tickled I was useless. That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. But, you tell everyone, in a very up-beat, jovial manner that you stepped on a cactus. You won't forget it and you won't let anyone else either.

You have a particular cardigan that you love--your grandma gave it to you for your birthday. I told you once that it was wrinkled so I was going to throw it in the dryer. You are convinced that this cardigan is not wrinkled, but has "sprinkles." I guess they do sound alike.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm not sure where you picked this up, but lately if daddy or I give you something that you are asking for you'll say, "I happy now." Sometimes you even say it when you are laying down and comfy. It cracks me up every time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I asked you if you would like to go play at Monika's house the other day. She offered to watch you, as she always does. You considered it for a moment. Said, "Toys?" I guess you were thinking of all the possibilities. Then you said, "Kitties? Workie?" I assured you that Monika's cats would be at home and not at work today. I'm not sure what they do for a living, but I'm pretty sure they don't get paid, My Haven.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Letting You Know

The past couple of nights at dinner you have looked up at daddy and I from your supper and told us, quite matter of factly, "I fussin." You had been eating contentedly (or so I thought). I'll say, "are you fussing, Haven?" And, you'll say, "yeah," very nonchalant. I'll ask you what that sounds like and you will proceed to fuss. And, then it's over. You got it all out and you move on.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Latest

Let's see, your newest doings:
1. Instead of "hold it!" now when you want to be picked up you say, "hold you tight."
2. I love asking you what you are doing. A few minutes ago you said, "I playin', though."
3. You say your name as Hamen.
4. You are more affectionate.
5. You are about 3 hand fulls sometimes. You have got your mind made up about where, when, who, how long, you name it. And, you are hard to dissuade. You are stubborn like your mama.
6. You kiss your own muscles.
7. You snort like a pig when I put pig tails in your hair.
8. You sing to yourself. Most of it doesn't make any sense.
9. You love to be read to. Besides your roller suitcase that Nana gave you, books are your favorite toy.
10. You are actually getting better about going into the nursery at church and at MOPs. You don't cry anymore and when I ask you if you want to play you say yes and are ready to go.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I don't always know what goes on at the house when I'm at the gym in the evenings. For instance, when I got home last night from spin class you were in the bathtub. There was a half eaten apple floating in there with you.

You got out of the bathtub, walked over to the trashcan and said, "glass. Pick it up!" Over and over again. I wrapped you in a towel and walked in to the kitchen to ask Daddy if something had broken. Apparently he gave you water in a "big girl cup" and you did well with it until you decided it should be thrown into the tub. Where it didn't survive the journey.

The apple? It took a bath with you. Then, when Daddy was putting you down for the night you came to give me a kiss goodnight. I was in the tub. You saw the apple. You asked for the apple. I obviously wasn't appreciating the Apple Essence enough.

Daddy told me after you were put into your crib that he attempted to take the apple from you. But you turned over on your stomach and tucked it underneath you and said, "Baby's, Baby's, Baby's." He left the monitor in the bathroom so that I could make sure you didn't choke. I don't know who made up that saying about taking candy away from a baby...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circus Tricks

We were taking a bath the other night. You decided that you were going to twirl while standing up in the bathtub. Before I could get the words, "Sit down!" out of my mouth, you slipped and fell and knocked your noggin on the tub. It wasn't a bad fall, it was more of a slip, but you started crying and I grabbed you and put you in my lap. You told me you hit your "noggin" and then, while still crying you said, "flippy-do." Because that's what you call a flip.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Did you Say?

Giving Daddy a wet willy

This morning we were leaving the house. The dogs were on the couch and you said, "Bye-bye, chickens!" I call the dogs chickens all the time, but you never have. I love your little voice.

And, in more amusing, yet serious wanted to read Peter Pan this morning. We got to the part where it introduces the children. I said, "there's Wendy." Maybe you heard me wrong because on the next page you pointed to Pan's crotch and said, "there's wienie." Whaaaat? Wendy, Haven, Wendy. Although, in your defense, Peter Pan does wear some pretty tight pants.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Your favorite snack? Fru-nack (fruitsnacks) and "Fishies, Gold." Not Gold Fish.

Your favorite babysitter? Monkala (Monika our neighbor).

My favorite thing that you say? When you are whining I ask you what you are doing and you say, "fussin."

My proudest moment recently: we were in TJ Maxx and Grammy was holding you and trying to get around a lady in the aisle and you said, "excuse me."

Every baby's name? Ella. Before that it was Greyson. Your cousin's names.

Favorite clothing item? The tights we got from Hannah. We call them Hannah tights and you inform everyone of what they are. And shoes. You adore your shoes. All of them.

Favorite hairstyle? Piggies.

My other favorite thing you say? You tell me I'm a big girl sometimes. I can only hope that you mean maturity wise and not size-wise. But, I raised you better than that. Mommy is very, very thin.