Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Year Checkup

You had your one year check up today. Unfortunately, it involved 3 shots in your thighs. The good news is that you weigh almost 18 pounds. The un-bad news is (un-bad, because maybe you'll never have to struggle with your weight) is that you are in the 3rd percentile for your weight; but the 75th percentile for your height. So, you're tall for a girl. And very, very thin. Which explains why I put a 0-3 month outfit on you the other day and it fit you like a glove.

Your pediatrician also said that you were beautiful. He said he sees alot of kids so he isn't just talking. Beauty is only skin deep, but it still makes me proud. I'm your mama--practically everything you do makes me happy. He also commented on how smart you are. And, that made me even more proud. I think you are just you. And, whatever that is is perfect.

Right after all this beautiful, proud talk, you stripped off your diaper and walked around the room naked. It made us all laugh (grandma was there too). Alwyn wanted to know what we were teaching you at home, and I told him you learned that from your daddy. Naked and unashamed. Right? Right.

You tried to eat the ants off the floor too (apparently they were having a small ant infestation at the doc's office). After trying to divert you a few times I just let you have it. I told Alwyn that you eat dirt so an ant or two isn't going to hurt anything. He laughed that I was so easy going about your diet. I guess most parents don't allow their children to eat dirt--which is unfortunate because you really seem to enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 2010

Sometimes I look at you and can't believe how big you've grown. Well, you are still small. Nothing fits your waist and you wear a size 2 diaper, but compared to how little you were when you were born, you seem so big to me now. You can walk like a champ, practically run if you need to. You jabber all the time. When you are angry you sound Japanese.

You have a deep and abiding love for corn dogs. I guess it can't be "abiding" since you've only had one once (much to your father's displeasure). You screamed when I took it away from you.

You love, love, love climbing into boxes. The look of accomplishment on your face when you've made it successfully into a box is funny. Sometimes you have a little trouble getting out though with those short little legs.

Today we finally made it outdoors for awhile. The weather was warm enough. We went next door to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. You are still not sure about those chickens. You do enjoy eating the food I bring them, though. We walked all around Monika and Steve's yard. Eating rocks and sticks (you did that, not me); I consider taking them away from you, but how bad could it be really? Mommy can be very permissive sometimes. But, I want you to learn and get dirty and have fun. Boy, did you get dirty. We played in the sandbox and I took your shoes off so you could feel the sand under your feet. Then you went to get a handful of dirty snow to eat (again, you're too young to teach to eat the clean snow and how bad could a little dirt be?). After that we went to check out the pond. I thought it would be too cold for you to be all that interested in, but no. You put your hands in, then both feet and then I rolled your pants up so you could get in to the knees. I had to drag you out. You were not going to come out willingly. You are so interested in the world right now. It seems a shame not to let you learn all that you can.

Tonight I kicked you and daddy out of the house so I could get the kitchen mopped and cleaned. Apparently you two played in the grass. He taught you how to sit on your bottom and then lay down in it on your back. Which you did over and over. You'd just flop back. Which was great if it was nice, cushy grass, but not so great if you were in the dirt. Daddy had to move real fast so he could put his hand under your head in case you came down to swiftly. You love repetition.

The top picture I took tonight. I was in the bedroom and could hear you jabbering non-stop. I got up and went into the living room and spotted you and your daddy laying side by side on the floor. You were chatting him up.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


One of the things that you do involves squatting down and tasting the ground wherever you are. Carpet, tile, wood floor, umm, dirt. You did this outside and the ground was muddy. That look on your face is not from being shocked about the mud, though. I think the water in the bucket was really cold and you were expressing your disapproval. Those are soap suds on your mouth. You had to try those too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Word to Yo Mamma

You say a few words now. The same ones, "dad," sometimes "momma," "doggies," you get real excited when you see a kitty, but I think your favorite word is "hot!" Your grandma Majaunta made a hand gesture one time when she was here and told you something was hot and you do that gesture EVERY SINGLE TIME the word "hot" is mentioned. In fact, you know that our coffee is hot and as soon as we pour a cup you do the hand gesture, say, "ha (that's baby for "hot"), and usually you blow. You blow up, into your nose. Not the most effective blowing I've ever seen, but certainly the most amusing. As well, when we were at Nana's a week ago and you spotted her electric fire, you blew on it.

I'm also trying to teach you sign language. Mainly we've been working on saying "please" instead of your normal response which is to scream and jerk around. I've been pestering you with saying it. I don't know how much you understand, but it almost seems to me that you throw a fit and will do anything to avoid signing "please." That's OK. Mommy will keep bugging you. Just ask your daddy. You did sign it today. Finally! You did it once and then didn't do it again. I was so proud of you. You got a big hug and you smiled because you knew you made me happy, but then you refused to repeat it.

You love the outdoors, and will usually cry if I bring you in. Last night we went outdoors for just a little while before the sun went down. Daddy was washing off his mountain bike. You took the brush from him and tried to clean the dirt. It was pretty dirty, that dirt. You love to stir and to dip things. You like to clap and dance.

And, most importantly...for about 6 nights now, you have slept from 7:30 at night to about 7 in the morning. Bliss, I tell you, my baby. For mama it is bliss.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You are so funny. You've taken to turning in circles and stomping your feet when you dance. While clapping your hands. Which is so stinkin' cute.

You like to get books, sit on my lap, and read them yourself. You jabber, flip pages, and then go get another book. You will allow me to read about a page myself (as long as it is only a sentence long), and then you take over. I'm afraid you may get bored easily like your momma.

I made a half-hearted attempt at weaning you a couple of weeks back. Half-hearted because we've been working on getting you to sleep all night (which, by the way, you are finally doing!!), and so I didn't want to add anything more stressful to the equation. I still enjoy breast-feeding you and you still enjoy it as well. You get a big smile on your face when you know it is time. I'm also reluctant to give it up because that means you are really and truly growing up. I know you're growing up...I see how tall and fast you've become. But, I'm not ready for you to grow completely out of babyhood yet.

You are momma's love. You give me hugs and sometimes kisses that just make me melt. I thought I wanted a boy before I was pregnant with you, but as soon as we knew we were having a little girl, I was happy. And, you've made me increasingly happy ever since. You are feminine and girly and fearless all at the same time. I'm so glad you're mine.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goin' & Blowin'

I guess I blew on your food once and ever since then if we say that something is hot you blow. If Daddy is holding you by the stove (even if there is nothing cooking on it), you hold your hand out, fingers together, palm flat to test the heat and then you blow in the general direction of the burners. Our coffee cups provide a certain allure because you can see the steam. You love to hold your hand out (in the way mentioned above) to feel the steam and test the heat.

One of your favorite foods was (I say was because we have now discovered that you have an allergy to it) peanut butter and milk. I put peanut butter on a spoon, you sit on my lap, and you take a bite of peanut butter and a drink of milk (from mommy--not a cup). It's a little messy but pretty funny. Unfortunately, your peanut butter eating days are over because the other night I gave you a spoonful and you broke out in hives. I kept the monitor on all night just in case you decided to stop breathing. Daddy told me that you would have stopped breathing quickly after the first bite, but I was still anxious about it. You're such a champ. You never knew you had a rash or that mommy was biting her nails listening to you breathe.

Let's see, you are also a champion fit thrower. You have definite opinions about what you want to do and what you want everyone else to be doing. Mommy doesn't like fits so she is trying to give you a stern talking to. Thus far, you listen with eyes wide and then proceed to throw the fit that mommy so rudely interrupted. Mainly it is to get out of: your high chair, the shopping cart, anything that is tying you down where you can't discover.

You love pushing the shopping cart at the grocery store. You are so strong. With your skinny little arms and short little legs, you get behind the giant cart and push. You sure do attract a crowd because it is so cute, everyone loves to watch. And you are fast. I let you push while I shop, but yesterday you pushed so fast I didn't have a chance to grab anything. And, I had to reign you in before you left me in your dust.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Year Old!!!

We celebrated your birthday yesterday. I made you a chocolate cupcake which you weren't all that interested in eating. Much to your daddy's relief because he didn't want you ingesting tons of sugar. You were really much more fascinated by the candle on top of the cake. You got a few presents, but by far your favorite was the bag and box that the gifts came in.

You spent most of the day playing in the bird seed at grandma's house with your Aunt Hannah. We can't keep you inside now. You've discovered the wonderful world of dirt and rocks and there is nothing to hold you back.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wrestle Mania

Mommy & Daddy were wrestling on the bed this evening, and I screamed. You were on the bed with us and I guess you thought I was hurt because you started crying (you'll learn when you are older that when mommy and daddy wrestle, mommy gives daddy the smack down). You crawled over to me, laid down on my chest, and wrapped your arms around me. When you were convinced I was OK, you gave me the first unprovoked kiss of your life. It was even a real kiss without biting and with your mouth closed. Ahh, that's a good end to the day. A kiss from my girl. And your daddy was even a little jealous. Because you are absolutely, unequivocally a daddy's girl. He's just fine with that.