Monday, March 19, 2012

Viv on a Roll

Sweet, adorable, smiley little Viv. You will be 6 months old in 10 days. Just stop it! You are such a joy! Such an easy little gal. You are definitely feeling the constraints of not being mobile. You've got the roll perfected, but you are not content with that. You are ready to crawl! I laid you on the bed last night and was massaging Haven and you rolled on your tummy and got this look in your eye. I knew you wanted to come closer to us. But, I didn't think you'd ever make it. However, you dug your head into the bed and used your legs to propel you forward and within about three moves you were right beside us. And, one more move you were closer to me and after all that hard work I had to pick you up.

Gosh, you are so cute I just want to squeeze you.

You eat very well and sleep very well. And, if I walk out of the room and you notice...goodness, you'd think the world was about to end!

And, my Haven. You have overcome your shyness and embraced your talkative side. You tell every single person you meet that you are 3. You usually roar like a lion (the Lion King movie is your favorite). You engage in heavy monologue with cashiers. For instance, yesterday Daddy took you to Walmart and he told me that you told the cashier that you like spicy food, that you eat all of daddy's jalepenos and cilantro (or talantro as you call it). You usually include something about daddy or mommy being the boss. At TJ Maxx the other day you were so cute and were trying to engage the young cashier there in conversation. You told her you were Haven and that you were three. She wasn't paying any attention to you. And, you were being so adorable. After about 5 minutes of trying to talk to her without any response we left. On the way out the door you said in frustration, "Somebody won't talk to me!" I don't know why she wouldn't--you were so cute.