Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Stinker Face

Little Miss Personality: your very favorite thing to do right now is try on clothes (especially baby clothes that don't fit you, but would fit a small infant). I tell you over and over that they are too small, but you are convinced that you can make them work.

Lately, I've been letting you pick out your own outfits. Nearly every day. Sometimes, more often than not, I'm rather amazed at the things you put together. Typically, you do a great job. My very favorite, though, is when you paired your multi-colored sandals with the wool socks Monika made you for Christmas. I told Daddy you were practicing to be a future Sandian.
When you don't want to do something that someone has asked you to do you tell them that you are too little. Which is strange because most of the time you are trying to convince me that you are big enough and old enough.

Yesterday we went over to Heidi's house so you could play with her little boy Isaac. Last time you played with him you were a little scared/surprised that he was so rambunctious. Your daddy wrestles with you every night, but I guess he isn't quite so rough as Isaac. Although Isaac is just being a typical boy you came running to me every 5 minutes or so to tell me that he'd touched you or scratched you...I told you that he was a boy and if you wanted to play with him you had to be tough. That was last time, this time I was getting you out of the car and reminding you how you and Isaac needed to share toys (this is a real point of contention between you two). You told me you would and then you said, "she won't scratch you?" She means he--we'll work on pronouns later. I assured you that he wouldn't. And you said, "I'll be real tough!" It was so cute. You are so cute.

This morning I asked you if you would go shopping with me for baby sister and help me pick out things that she needs. I asked you if you knew of anything that she needed and you promptly informed me that she would need batteries. I guess everything needs a battery now and then.

I love you, my Grace. We only have two months left with you as an only child. Sometimes I am so nervous that you are going to think you aren't as important as you have been. But, I assure you, my love, that you are. I am so excited that you will have a baby sister to share life with. Your nana is just now on a cruise in the Virgin Islands with her sister and as I was praying for her to have a wonderful vacation I found myself hoping that you and Baby Sister someday get to share experiences like that together.