Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mad Skills

In addition to your new-found skill of taking steps, you have started to dance. It is my absolute favorite of all the things you have learned. You just shake the top of your body and jut your head in and out. It is so adorable.

Your Aunt Hannah picked you out a yellow giraffe at Wal-mart that plays music when you press buttons. You love this toy. Because you have no problem pressing the buttons. However, and much to my dismay, you like to press down one button and so the song gets stuck over and over again like a CD that is skipping. You love it. You dance in your car seat until Mommy finally has enough and moves your finger off of the button so we can hear a whole song.

You've also begun to play peek-a-boo and you will hide and pop up anywhere you think is a good spot. Over and over again. And another of your new-found skills is to wave. You do it like Miss America. Your wrist is very floppy like you aren't quite sure if you want to wave or not.


Carrie said...

Sounds adorable! And reminds me of Cora. She's doing similar stuff, though at a considerably older age. (Not taking steps though.) She waves her hands back and forth, but the wrong way. She rotates her wrist all the way around to where her hand faces her - so bye bye is her hand going from facing you to facing her, etc. She also adores peekaboo, and has the most adorable shriek in place of a laugh. I seriously wish someone would let us skip the whole "you have to be 30 thing." I may cry when she's adopted.

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