Monday, February 8, 2010

No Fear

Well, little girl. You are always doing new things. A few weeks ago I realized that I can't keep up anymore. You are walking all over the house, and you look just like Frankenstein when you walk. You chase the dogs, you hug Trudy (Sophie won't let you that close or you'd hug her too).

One of my favorite things that you do (I guess everything you do is my favorite) is put food on your toes. In your car seat I always hand you something to eat to keep you happy--you DO NOT LIKE sitting still. Anyways, you like to put your feet straight up in the air and then stick food on your big toe. I don't know why. I should mention that is always after you have ripped your socks off. Socks frustrate you. And, we may as well just forget about shoes. When I put shoes on your little feet you scream until you've taken them off. That's my hippy baby. We don't need shoes, do we?

We went over to some people's house last night and they had two huge dogs. The other baby there was terrified of them, but you didn't show the least hesitation. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. You really don't show fear very often at all unless someone is trying to hold you. Then you cling to me or to your daddy and lay your head down on our shoulder like you are shy. You aren't shy. You're just a stinker. A cute little stinker.


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