Saturday, May 8, 2010

Climbing, Corndogs, & Poop

Baby Haven you are so affectionate now. You will give kisses and hugs. And when I tell you that I love you, you seem to understand that it means something special because you will hug me back. You love, love, love working on bikes with Daddy. And, you are actually quite good at it. You don't just stick the allen wrench any old place, you actually find screws and turn it. You are fascinated with mechanical things.

You also enjoy climbing right now. On everything. You climb into chairs and stand up and bounce. Which makes me nervous. Daddy says that I am very permissive when it comes to your exploring. You like to drink the doggie water and get all muddy and gross. Yesterday you ate a dog turd. That was not me being permissive, I just didn't see you do it. I'd been quite fastidious about picking up dog poop so that you didn't step in it (or eat it as the case may be), however, I guess I was a day behind. You spit it right out. Thank goodness you didn't enjoy it. And, thank goodness Daddy was here to take care of it!
You love corn dogs. It is about the only food that you will wolf down and that you cry if it gets taken away from you. We went to the Grill last night and I ordered you the corn dogs because Daddy and I wanted to eat in peace. You ate 4 mini's! It was impressive.
You love to run and for someone to chase you. You have the cutest smile. Sometimes you smile when you are being naughty and it makes me laugh. Maybe you do have a tiny bit of Keagy in you after all.
When I lay you down in your crib for a nap, you lay on your back and stick your legs straight up in the air.
You love picking flowers (dandelions) and you will hold onto them no matter what else you are doing.
Oh, and you adore your Daddy. You wouldn't let him out of your sight when we came back from California. And, he didn't mind one bit.


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