Monday, December 20, 2010

Step Stools

This morning I told you that you couldn't wash your hands in the bathroom sink anymore without mommy there (because you will fill the sink and then flood the bathroom). We bought you a step stool that you loooove and your favorite thing to do right now is to climb up on it. I guess it gives you a new view of the world. Anyway, after I told you that you couldn't wash your hands anymore, you started crying. I then said that you could play with the stool, just not in the bathroom. You gave me a hug and said, "good girl!"

Today you have been saying, "ummm" alot. I think you hear me say it from time to time especially when you ask me what something is and I don't know how to describe it. But, it's funny when you are saying it because you don't have anything to add to it. You just say, "ummm...." and then stop.


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