Saturday, June 4, 2011


Some funny things you've said lately:

While looking in Daddy's mouth with a flashlight, you spotted his uvula and exclaimed, "there's daddy's wienie!" He was not amused. I, however, was so amused that I laughed too long and you told me stop.

It was Daddy's birthday yesterday and when you were informed of it you very excitedly informed him that he was two, just like you.

I was in the bathtub and you were in the living room being way too quiet. I asked you what you were doing and you informed me very non-chalantly that you were making messes. You weren't lying. There was a huge powdery mess from a bath-salt you had dissembled on the couch.

I asked you if you were ready for a nap. You said, "no, another day."

Another bathtub adventure: we were in the tub and daddy walked in. You said, "Daddy, I want a beer." Very matter-of-factly.

You have been making messes that are truly astounding at times. Like this one when you put sunblock (diaper cream) on your baby. You told her you didn't want her to have a sun-burn and that is when I ran into your room because I knew it couldn't be good.

And, there was this the other day, when I learned about your preference in men. You saw this picture of John the Baptist and told me he was cute. When I asked if you thought he was cute (because I was sure I must've heard you wrong), you said, "yeah, his shirt is cute." Interesting.

You were sitting on my lap eating cereal and kept grabbing the bowl. I told you to put it down before it spilled. You did, but then after some thought picked it back up. I said, Haven, are you minding. You said, "No, no way. I'm a big girl!" Apparently you were under the impression that big girls didn't have to mind.

While walking Jackie (Nana's dog) on a leash, "this is wonderful!"


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