Thursday, November 17, 2011

Makin' Mommy Laugh (a Vivienne Story)

probably when she shouldn't be:

This morning as we were getting ready for friends to come over, I walked out of the room and left you, my Viv, on the bed with Haven. I wasn't two steps from the room when you started crying. Vivienne, I haven't heard a cry of pain from you--ever. But, this was unmistakable. I ran into the bedroom, fully expecting to see Haven with a finger in your eye or something.

You were screaming because you had managed to get a hold of a big hunk of your own hair. And, you were pulling it. And, it hurt really bad. You kept crying in pain and I tried to unlock your vice-like grip from your head. I was laughing because it was so silly. It took me a moment to get you untangled and I had to soothe you (and Haven, because she could tell it was a cry of pain and she was worried for you). You just kept pulling and crying. You silly baby.


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