Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fliver O'Lou What You Do

Little Fliverskins, you are into EVERYTHING! Once you decided you could pull up and crawl you also decided that you should be able to walk. You aren't there yet--but, you leave a hurricane of destruction in your path. Magazines on the floor, plants ripped up, if you can reach it it's going to be touched. It is fun to watch you explore and learn your world. You are still very much into textures. You love to feel things and scratch them to see what they are like (especially the back side of my arm which happens to be very sensitive--you love to scratch me there).

You are an incredibly playful little baby. If you are in a good mood you will "attack" me by putting your open mouth all over my face. I usually have makeup running down my eyes from your slobbery kisses. I love it.

You have been saying "Mama," you crawl like a champ, pull up like no-body's business, and clap your hands. You picked that skill up from your cousins who are around 1-2 years old. We clapped hands alot over Memorial Day weekend with them and would say, "yay!!" You apparently liked the sound of that and when we got home you started clapping and you love it if we yell, yay at the same time.

So, you are my biggest fan. Haven went through this stage. You aren't very comfortable if I'm not in your site and if I am then I need to be holding you or at least doing whatever you want me to do. If I'm not doing it right you let me know. Vivi, I would describe you as an easy, happy baby. Except when you aren't. Because you definitely let me know if things are not as they should be in your little 8 month old eyes.

And, my Haven. Big, grown up Haven. You are sometimes bigger than those size 3's you wear. At least you think you are. Yesterday I was on the phone with Gammy and you thought I'd talked long enough. We were outside and you were trying to get my attention. Eventually, in frustration you said, "just go inside. I've had it with you!" Indeed!

Tall tales are your repertoire now. Sophie got run-over? The party we went to was really great, the people were nice because they didn't beat you? (I was not aware that we frequented parties where you were beat on a regular basis). I never know what you are going to say. Which is pretty funny. Good thing I don't embarrass easily.

You are both the most precious girls I could ever wish to have. I love you both so much. This period of our lives is a bit trying. Three year old full of energy mixed with a demanding, although easy baby, in addition to a tired mama. I hope that in a few months things become a little easier and we can just breathe and enjoy. I already do enjoy, so much the time I get with you both, I just wish I had more sleep and energy!


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