Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving and Shaking

Sweet Little Viv, you have decided to work on 3 mile-stones at once: sitting, crawling, and pulling up (I should add teething to the mix, but I'm not sure that's a technical mile-stone). You mastered sitting up a few weeks back, decided to go right into the crawl (you take two "steps" and fall to your tummy), but the pulling up you have down. Especially if you want something. I just lowered your crib to avoid any base jumps like your sister was fond of, thinking, it will be months before you are pulling up. You still have to learn how to crawl. I stand corrected.

You are a funny little girl. You like to attack me and your daddy by opening your mouth, grabbing our hair, and pulling us in, and sucking on our cheeks. Over and over again. You are typically very easy going. You are an easy baby, but, whoa man--when you decide being easy going is for the birds--you are done. Done. The frustration doesn't build, it's just built.

I thought it was funny when no one could eat around your cousin Cora because she was so food-centric. Umm, the last laugh is on me. It isn't that funny when you are eating dinner and your baby is screaming at you because you won't give her a bite. Never mind that you'd choke on it. Doesn't matter.

Your sister, on the other hand, has hit her stride with speaking. There are no strangers now. Haven tells everyone whatever is on her mind. A captive audience is her time to shine. This morning at Mops, she informed everyone about her pet cicada that daddy caught her. She named him Junior Jeffie. I love that name.

She calls every baby a "borned" baby. I assume it means newborn, but it works. Yesterday she wanted to play with her little pet-shop and I asked her to pick it up before Vivi woke up in case she choked on the small pieces. Haven asked, "because then I wouldn't have any toys?" Yes, my Haven. That is our primary concern: all those toys lost forever in Vivi's stomach.

Haven Grace, you keep me rolling with all your questions and sayings. Sometimes I'm a little nervous about what you will say next. On Saturday we went to Auntie Fae's graduation party. Daddy had just come back from Seattle and you saw him driving up. You went nuts when you saw his car in the drive way and started yelling: "there's my daddy!!! He has a big, big..." then you paused long enough for me to get nervous. I didn't know what might come out. Thank goodness you said "car." You are a delight little one. Everyone, everywhere tells me how beautiful you and your sister are. You are indeed. And, you both give me such joy. You make my heart happy watching how tender you are with your sister and how quickly (most of the time) you are willing to help her out when she's fussy. I can't wait to watch you two grow up and become wonderful, life-long friends.


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