Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I feel like I can't keep up with all of your antics anymore. You are more amusing by the day. You understand lots of words and can point out different animals in books. Right now we're working on sounds and the noises animals make. So far you have "cougar" down pat. You can't yet say cougar, but we have a carved cougar (jaguar) head from Africa that you love looking at. You make a claw (or, your version of a claw) and you growl.

Last night you were kissing all over baby Nathan and I told our friends you were a "cougar" and you growled out of the blue when you heard that word. It made me laugh.

You are climbing all over the place. Sometimes falling off, but it doesn't stop you. You love to climb into chairs and rock back and forth. Of course, not every chair is a rocking chair, but you don't quite understand that yet.

You love picking up clothes, on the bed or on the floor, and carrying them around. Red is your favorite color, and mommy has a particular red sports bra that you are fond of. You try to wear it around your arm.

You are pretty afraid of the blow-dryer but can't seem to look away from it. It's like a cobra that has you mesmerized.

For the past few days you've started pulling out all the stops when it comes to nap time. I tell you that it's "time for nappy time" and you stick your fingers in your mouth. Then, we go sit down in the rocking chair and you nurse for a moment and then you start doing everything and anything to distract me from putting you down. You suck on my chin, you grab my face with both hands and laugh, and generally act as cute as you know how. You get me to giggling so hard that I have the hardest time laying you in your crib. But, I know that if I give in once, you are smart enough now to realize that your maneuverings work. I'm OK with you doing it, though, because somehow you've seemed to hit on just the right mix of orneriness and sweetness. Like it is tailor made for me.

Tonight while we were taking a bath you decided that you were going to put your face in the water. Usually you never do this and get real upset if water gets in your eyes. So, you did it without any provocation. And, I told you what a good job you were doing after every dip. You had a huge smile and then we rubbed noses afterwards. I love you, Haven. You bring me so much joy at unexpected moments. Sometimes I want to bottle you at this age and keep you here.


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