Thursday, April 8, 2010

Running, Pinching, & Biking

You've discovered walking backwards this week. You do it until you run into a wall. It looks a bit like moon-walking. You are too young to know what I'm talking about, but I'll show you when you're older.

You LOVE being outside. In fact, you have a farmer's tan on your arms. You scream when we bring you indoors. You enjoy eating flowers and dirt. Today I worked out in the garden and turned around to see you stuff your mouth with a handful of dirt and then try to spit it out.

For some reason you've decided that mommy needs to be pinched and bit frequently. Hard. I've told you numerous times to stop and you do when I say it but you do it again an hour later. You aren't doing it to Daddy. But, Daddy's not quite as squishy as mommy is.
I think we're going to have a problem getting you to 20 pounds so we can turn your car seat around. You run now. Climb up and down steps. You're unstoppable. If we are outside you get angry if one of us picks you up. Inside is a different story.

Today was rather remarkable in that we were sitting in the rocking chair in your room, you looked over at your shelf and saw a stuffed dog on it and you pointed and said, "dog." You say "da" and I'm "dada" and you repeat words (for instance, yesterday daddy said you repeated "bam" after he said it), but you said this without either of the real dogs in the room. I was very proud of you. You understand alot. Grandpa told you to go get your shoes the other day and you did.
I can't wait to hear some of the funny things I know you have to say.

You love bending at the waist and putting your forehead on the ground. Unfortunately, it doesn't always turn out so great. You did it outside on the rocky dirt and fell forward scratching your face. It's fun to watch you because you are always doing new things. You love helping daddy work on his bikes. You spin the wheels and tighten up screws just like he does. I can see the shine of pride in his eyes when you do.


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