Friday, June 11, 2010

15 Months

Miss Thang. You had your 15 month check up today where we found out you finally weighed 20 pounds. Exactly. I stuffed you full of food this morning in an attempt to balance the scale in our favor so we can turn you around in your car-seat. I really think that it's all the whole milk you've been drinking. I must've been producing skim milk when you were breastfeeding because as soon as you were weaned you decided that cow's milk was OK and you started drinking it like it was going out of style. And, you managed to move to the 10th percentile in your weight as opposed to the 3rd. Good job. You don't have any fat on you, though. It's all muscle. I see baby gymnastics in your future.

Your latest thing as of today is to find cuts or scrapes on Daddy or me (the smaller ones are very interesting to you) and point to them and say, "OW!" You found a couple day old scrape on your arm that made you fuss. I doubt there was any lingering pain, but apparently it needed to be tended to. Daddy said maybe we were making too big a deal out your bumps now because you are being a little dramatic over old ones. But, I figure this will be like everything else--two weeks of intense focus replaced by something else more alluring.

I forgot to mention that last week when we were having the house re-stuccoed I had a dream about you swallowing tacks I woke up from the dream thankful because we don't have any tacks in the house except for two that I've pinned plants to the wall with. But, they were on top of the kitchen counter so I didn't think those could ever be a threat. However, with all the banging around that the guys were doing nailing paper and wire over the existing stucco, it must've knocked one of the tacks loose and it rolled to the floor. I never would have checked on it in a million years. The next morning after the dream you came running into the bedroom, and I could tell you had something in your mouth. Since we weren't outside I figured you picked something up off the floor to eat (I give you snacks all the time and you will walk around, usually dropping a few in the process) so I was going to just let you go without checking but I happened to see a glint of something shiny in there. I made you spit it out. It was a tack. Thank you, Holy Spirit for dreams. Very, very weird. It kind of freaked me out that I'd dreamed it the night before.


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