Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Words, Words, Words

You are saying so many words right now! My favorite is "Grizzly." That's the name of Grandma's dog and it's so funny to hear you say. You will try to repeat anything we say, so I don't think I can list all your new words. Truck was your favorite today. It sounded like "cuck." You've also taken to scolding every dog that you see. Even if they are just laying there. You shake your finger at them and say, "no, no, no."

You love doing crazy hands. Laughing really hard. You still gurgle when you are happy. That's a relic from little baby days and I love it. You give kisses with a kissing sound now. And, you tend to go to more people without acting scared. Unless you are tired. Whoever rescues you from your crib when you wake up for the morning or after a nap is The One for a few hours. You love them the most. Unless it's Daddy and then you just love him the most period. You are just crazy about him. And, the feeling is mutual.


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