Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy can't keep up with all the new things that you do. But, lately your very favorite thing to do is to climb on EVERYTHING! The couch, chairs, into your booster chair to eat. You haven't fallen yet. Yet.

I hurt my foot the other day and was putting a band aid on my ankle. You were incredibly curious about this so I told you I had an "owie." You wanted an owie too so you pointed to your thigh and said "owie." I put a little ointment on your thigh and a band aid of your own and you walked around like you'd broken your leg. When daddy came home you happened to be asleep he heard you wake and came in to get you. The very first thing you told him was that you had an "owie."

The next day the band aid had miraculously stayed on your leg and we went over to Faerl and Jarred's house. I told Fae to ask you about your leg and she did. You pointed to it and stuck out your bottom lip like it was all of a sudden causing you considerably pain. This is against your father's wishes, I might add. He hates that I am indulging invisible and non-existent owies. But, it is so funny to watch you fuss about it. Probably he is right. I'm sure I'll give it up soon when the amusement wears off.


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