Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Naughtiness Squared

Little Girl. When you spy my phone you grab it, bring it to me, and say, "Baby." I have recordings of you on it and you love to watch them over and over. And Over. Again. You know one particular one so well that you will say the words on the video before you hear it. Genius.

Your daddy shows you videos of horses on YouTube. You sit on his lap with a very rapt look on your face. Completely entranced. Sometimes you squeal and scream Horsie! because you get so excited.

You love to put on shirts (or pants that you call shirts) over your head. You will try on clothes--mine or yours--for an hour. You are very focused on it. When we were in Colorado this past week, I laid out my clothes on the floor and went to take a shower. Apparently you walked into the livingroom where everyone else was with my panties on your head.

You say so many words now. Sometimes phrases. When you ask for chocolate milk or ice-cream you say please. Because it's worth it.

I have a particularly hard time disciplining you. For one thing, you ignore what ever method I've chosen. If I spank you, you don't react. I try time-outs, but you seem perfectly content sitting in the chair. I don't know what to do with you. Most of the time, however, it is all for naught because you will look at me waiting for me to laugh at your naughtiness and I never disappoint. I try not to laugh. But, dang it, you give me the most mischievous look and I start smiling. I try to turn around real quick so you won't see me, but you know. I'm going to pay for my amusement later, I'm pretty sure. I love you, my sweetness. Thank you for being you. I love it!


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