Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She's Definitely Her Father's Daughter

Your daddy is so proud. Today you had your first set of x-rays. After you took a fall and landed on your ear and your arm. It was quite a fall. I tried not to freak out. You didn't stop crying. I called your daddy. You fell hard enough that you could have broken your arm. Except that I've never broken anything so I didn't know what to look for. You were holding your arm to the side and not moving it.

He told me to call the doc, but I told him to come home because I couldn't imagine putting you in your car seat with a broken arm. And driving for 30 minutes with a baby in her car seat with a broken arm--well, that didn't sound like a good idea to me.

We headed to the doctor's, we were sent to get x-rays. You were fine until we had to manipulate your hand and elbow in order to get the picture right. It was as Alwyn suspected--you hadn't broken anything. But, he had to pop your elbow back in place. He twisted it, you screamed, we heard a loud pop, and you could move your arm again. It was as quick as that. You got lots of gummy bears afterwards, and I tried to convince Daddy that you needed ice-cream, but really, you were 100% better and acted like nothing had happened.

He called grandma to brag. You are definitely his baby, little girl. I somehow avoided catastrophe when I was a kid. And, here you are, making your x-ray debut at 18 months. Sometimes I wonder if you have any Keagy in you. I'm so, so glad you are alright.


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