Sunday, October 3, 2010


You said your first "long" sentence to me today: "Sophie...[out]side...naughty!" Very good, little one. You're not kidding! You say so many words that I'm guessing you have a 50 to 100 word vocabulary. Your pediatrician said that was great--most kids your age have in the 5 to 7 word range.

You know the difference between a circle and a triangle. You can imitate thunder--which you've been doing all day long by saying "Boom!" and then roaring. You speak all the time, but only when you are really comfortable around people. Around a group of kids you are really shy. It takes you awhile to warm up. You just like to watch for awhile. Then, when you feel comfortable, you join in.
You love to dance and can swivel your hips like Elvis. You love rap and hip hop. And, dancing with your daddy. Usually you wake up talking. A few months ago you woke up singing. You haven't done that in awhile.
I'm trying to remember everything, but you seem to be growing and saying all the time now. I tell myself not to forget what you said or did today, but I do.


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