Thursday, February 3, 2011


I don't always know what goes on at the house when I'm at the gym in the evenings. For instance, when I got home last night from spin class you were in the bathtub. There was a half eaten apple floating in there with you.

You got out of the bathtub, walked over to the trashcan and said, "glass. Pick it up!" Over and over again. I wrapped you in a towel and walked in to the kitchen to ask Daddy if something had broken. Apparently he gave you water in a "big girl cup" and you did well with it until you decided it should be thrown into the tub. Where it didn't survive the journey.

The apple? It took a bath with you. Then, when Daddy was putting you down for the night you came to give me a kiss goodnight. I was in the tub. You saw the apple. You asked for the apple. I obviously wasn't appreciating the Apple Essence enough.

Daddy told me after you were put into your crib that he attempted to take the apple from you. But you turned over on your stomach and tucked it underneath you and said, "Baby's, Baby's, Baby's." He left the monitor in the bathroom so that I could make sure you didn't choke. I don't know who made up that saying about taking candy away from a baby...


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