Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Latest

Let's see, your newest doings:
1. Instead of "hold it!" now when you want to be picked up you say, "hold you tight."
2. I love asking you what you are doing. A few minutes ago you said, "I playin', though."
3. You say your name as Hamen.
4. You are more affectionate.
5. You are about 3 hand fulls sometimes. You have got your mind made up about where, when, who, how long, you name it. And, you are hard to dissuade. You are stubborn like your mama.
6. You kiss your own muscles.
7. You snort like a pig when I put pig tails in your hair.
8. You sing to yourself. Most of it doesn't make any sense.
9. You love to be read to. Besides your roller suitcase that Nana gave you, books are your favorite toy.
10. You are actually getting better about going into the nursery at church and at MOPs. You don't cry anymore and when I ask you if you want to play you say yes and are ready to go.


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