Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Year Checkup

You had your one year check up today. Unfortunately, it involved 3 shots in your thighs. The good news is that you weigh almost 18 pounds. The un-bad news is (un-bad, because maybe you'll never have to struggle with your weight) is that you are in the 3rd percentile for your weight; but the 75th percentile for your height. So, you're tall for a girl. And very, very thin. Which explains why I put a 0-3 month outfit on you the other day and it fit you like a glove.

Your pediatrician also said that you were beautiful. He said he sees alot of kids so he isn't just talking. Beauty is only skin deep, but it still makes me proud. I'm your mama--practically everything you do makes me happy. He also commented on how smart you are. And, that made me even more proud. I think you are just you. And, whatever that is is perfect.

Right after all this beautiful, proud talk, you stripped off your diaper and walked around the room naked. It made us all laugh (grandma was there too). Alwyn wanted to know what we were teaching you at home, and I told him you learned that from your daddy. Naked and unashamed. Right? Right.

You tried to eat the ants off the floor too (apparently they were having a small ant infestation at the doc's office). After trying to divert you a few times I just let you have it. I told Alwyn that you eat dirt so an ant or two isn't going to hurt anything. He laughed that I was so easy going about your diet. I guess most parents don't allow their children to eat dirt--which is unfortunate because you really seem to enjoy it.


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