Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 2010

Sometimes I look at you and can't believe how big you've grown. Well, you are still small. Nothing fits your waist and you wear a size 2 diaper, but compared to how little you were when you were born, you seem so big to me now. You can walk like a champ, practically run if you need to. You jabber all the time. When you are angry you sound Japanese.

You have a deep and abiding love for corn dogs. I guess it can't be "abiding" since you've only had one once (much to your father's displeasure). You screamed when I took it away from you.

You love, love, love climbing into boxes. The look of accomplishment on your face when you've made it successfully into a box is funny. Sometimes you have a little trouble getting out though with those short little legs.

Today we finally made it outdoors for awhile. The weather was warm enough. We went next door to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. You are still not sure about those chickens. You do enjoy eating the food I bring them, though. We walked all around Monika and Steve's yard. Eating rocks and sticks (you did that, not me); I consider taking them away from you, but how bad could it be really? Mommy can be very permissive sometimes. But, I want you to learn and get dirty and have fun. Boy, did you get dirty. We played in the sandbox and I took your shoes off so you could feel the sand under your feet. Then you went to get a handful of dirty snow to eat (again, you're too young to teach to eat the clean snow and how bad could a little dirt be?). After that we went to check out the pond. I thought it would be too cold for you to be all that interested in, but no. You put your hands in, then both feet and then I rolled your pants up so you could get in to the knees. I had to drag you out. You were not going to come out willingly. You are so interested in the world right now. It seems a shame not to let you learn all that you can.

Tonight I kicked you and daddy out of the house so I could get the kitchen mopped and cleaned. Apparently you two played in the grass. He taught you how to sit on your bottom and then lay down in it on your back. Which you did over and over. You'd just flop back. Which was great if it was nice, cushy grass, but not so great if you were in the dirt. Daddy had to move real fast so he could put his hand under your head in case you came down to swiftly. You love repetition.

The top picture I took tonight. I was in the bedroom and could hear you jabbering non-stop. I got up and went into the living room and spotted you and your daddy laying side by side on the floor. You were chatting him up.


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