Thursday, March 18, 2010


You are so funny. You've taken to turning in circles and stomping your feet when you dance. While clapping your hands. Which is so stinkin' cute.

You like to get books, sit on my lap, and read them yourself. You jabber, flip pages, and then go get another book. You will allow me to read about a page myself (as long as it is only a sentence long), and then you take over. I'm afraid you may get bored easily like your momma.

I made a half-hearted attempt at weaning you a couple of weeks back. Half-hearted because we've been working on getting you to sleep all night (which, by the way, you are finally doing!!), and so I didn't want to add anything more stressful to the equation. I still enjoy breast-feeding you and you still enjoy it as well. You get a big smile on your face when you know it is time. I'm also reluctant to give it up because that means you are really and truly growing up. I know you're growing up...I see how tall and fast you've become. But, I'm not ready for you to grow completely out of babyhood yet.

You are momma's love. You give me hugs and sometimes kisses that just make me melt. I thought I wanted a boy before I was pregnant with you, but as soon as we knew we were having a little girl, I was happy. And, you've made me increasingly happy ever since. You are feminine and girly and fearless all at the same time. I'm so glad you're mine.


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