Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goin' & Blowin'

I guess I blew on your food once and ever since then if we say that something is hot you blow. If Daddy is holding you by the stove (even if there is nothing cooking on it), you hold your hand out, fingers together, palm flat to test the heat and then you blow in the general direction of the burners. Our coffee cups provide a certain allure because you can see the steam. You love to hold your hand out (in the way mentioned above) to feel the steam and test the heat.

One of your favorite foods was (I say was because we have now discovered that you have an allergy to it) peanut butter and milk. I put peanut butter on a spoon, you sit on my lap, and you take a bite of peanut butter and a drink of milk (from mommy--not a cup). It's a little messy but pretty funny. Unfortunately, your peanut butter eating days are over because the other night I gave you a spoonful and you broke out in hives. I kept the monitor on all night just in case you decided to stop breathing. Daddy told me that you would have stopped breathing quickly after the first bite, but I was still anxious about it. You're such a champ. You never knew you had a rash or that mommy was biting her nails listening to you breathe.

Let's see, you are also a champion fit thrower. You have definite opinions about what you want to do and what you want everyone else to be doing. Mommy doesn't like fits so she is trying to give you a stern talking to. Thus far, you listen with eyes wide and then proceed to throw the fit that mommy so rudely interrupted. Mainly it is to get out of: your high chair, the shopping cart, anything that is tying you down where you can't discover.

You love pushing the shopping cart at the grocery store. You are so strong. With your skinny little arms and short little legs, you get behind the giant cart and push. You sure do attract a crowd because it is so cute, everyone loves to watch. And you are fast. I let you push while I shop, but yesterday you pushed so fast I didn't have a chance to grab anything. And, I had to reign you in before you left me in your dust.


Anna Wallin said...

I absolutely love the idea of the peanut butter and milk snack. I laughed quite hard thinking of how one would breastfeed with a mouthful of peanut butter!

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