Monday, March 22, 2010

Word to Yo Mamma

You say a few words now. The same ones, "dad," sometimes "momma," "doggies," you get real excited when you see a kitty, but I think your favorite word is "hot!" Your grandma Majaunta made a hand gesture one time when she was here and told you something was hot and you do that gesture EVERY SINGLE TIME the word "hot" is mentioned. In fact, you know that our coffee is hot and as soon as we pour a cup you do the hand gesture, say, "ha (that's baby for "hot"), and usually you blow. You blow up, into your nose. Not the most effective blowing I've ever seen, but certainly the most amusing. As well, when we were at Nana's a week ago and you spotted her electric fire, you blew on it.

I'm also trying to teach you sign language. Mainly we've been working on saying "please" instead of your normal response which is to scream and jerk around. I've been pestering you with saying it. I don't know how much you understand, but it almost seems to me that you throw a fit and will do anything to avoid signing "please." That's OK. Mommy will keep bugging you. Just ask your daddy. You did sign it today. Finally! You did it once and then didn't do it again. I was so proud of you. You got a big hug and you smiled because you knew you made me happy, but then you refused to repeat it.

You love the outdoors, and will usually cry if I bring you in. Last night we went outdoors for just a little while before the sun went down. Daddy was washing off his mountain bike. You took the brush from him and tried to clean the dirt. It was pretty dirty, that dirt. You love to stir and to dip things. You like to clap and dance.

And, most importantly...for about 6 nights now, you have slept from 7:30 at night to about 7 in the morning. Bliss, I tell you, my baby. For mama it is bliss.


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